Best Takeaway Food in Melbourne


At Hunters & Disciples, we have designed a custom take-away catering menu where you can be guaranteed a quick feed with delectable, healthy and the best takeaway food in Melbourne that offer no mess and dishes that require limited to no cutlery. Well suited to those taking their meal back to their desk or work site or sneaking a quick bite in the car. Best of all, we have indoor seating available whilst waiting for your takeaway. Or order in advance and don’t wait at all, call 1300 555 749!

However, if the take-away menu is not sufficient, anything off our all-day café menu can me made take-away. One can’t just get enough of our vast food offerings. Whatever your choice will be, we always have healthy takeaway food for everyone, as we serve vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, as well as gluten-free dishes. So, tell us what’s your pleasure and we’re here to prepare the best takeaway food in Melbourne!

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Our Mission

Hunters and Disciples is a community, offering an inclusive menu and venue, catering for anyone and everyone!

We provide opportunities for our Disciples to spread their wings, rise above other applicants, and land jobs with the best café, restaurant, and catering company in Melbourne.

We partner with Serve It Up and Melbourne College of Further Education to give their students real experience in a real workplace that is also one of the finest cafés and restaurants with the best catering Melbourne has to offer. The students—the Disciples—can be sourced for work in other venues by employers—the “Hunters”.

We will have a rotation of students each shift, in order to provide them all with hands-on experience. Consequently, we appreciate your support, feedback, and patience in this regard. Please take a moment to complete a feedback form when paying your bill. We will provide feedback to the core team and the students, so they can learn and grow from this feedback, and increase their employability opportunities.