Restaurant Staff Recruitment Melbourne

Restaurant Staff Recruitment

For employers (Hunters) looking to poach our students on placement (our Disciples), you can complete our application form for restaurant staff recruitment in Melbourne via email to [email protected]. In your application, please detail the position to be filled, hours of work, rate of pay (if known), when you would like your Disciple to start, your address, venue name and your contact details. We will put you in contact with the individual, however, we will leave the employment discussions up to you and your potential restaurant, café, or catering staff hire.

Conditions of employment for restaurant jobs in Melbourne state that you must pay award rates (or above) and provide a safe and suitable workplace. All staff referrals will have their RSA, food handlers’ certificates. If you recruit our students for restaurant, café, or catering staff jobs, please allow them the time to complete their course at our school and gain their full qualification.

We also provide referral to Serve It Up Hospitality where they provide free job matching for employers (Hunters) looking for qualifies hospitality staff (Disciples) that have had experience at Hunters & Disciples.

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Our Mission

Hunters and Disciples is a community, offering an inclusive menu and venue, catering for anyone and everyone!

We provide opportunities for our Disciples to spread their wings, rise above other applicants, and land jobs with the best café, restaurant, and catering company in Melbourne.

We partner with Serve It Up and Melbourne College of Further Education to give their students real experience in a real workplace that is also one of the finest cafés and restaurants with the best catering Melbourne has to offer. The students—the Disciples—can be sourced for work in other venues by employers—the “Hunters”.

We will have a rotation of students each shift, in order to provide them all with hands-on experience. Consequently, we appreciate your support, feedback, and patience in this regard. Please take a moment to complete a feedback form when paying your bill. We will provide feedback to the core team and the students, so they can learn and grow from this feedback, and increase their employability opportunities.