Our Story

Our Story

We strive to bring you the best fresh, ethical, and locally-produced food around. Our goal is to select eco-friendly suppliers, support local businesses and families and put into place environmentally sustainable measures.

Our menu and cuisine prioritises a plant-based selection of foods, with an addition of sustainably sourced and organic animal products, all enriched with the most delicious flavours and nutritional value. At Hunters & Disciples, we are committed to supporting a healthier and ecologically sustainable planet.

Our Mission

Hunters and Disciples is a community, offering an inclusive menu and venue, catering for anyone and everyone!

We provide opportunities for our Disciples to spread their wings, rise above other applicants, and land jobs with the best café, restaurant, and catering company in Melbourne.

We partner with Serve It Up and Melbourne College of Further Education to give their students real experience in a real workplace that is also one of the finest cafés and restaurants with the best catering Melbourne has to offer. The students—theDisciples—canbe sourced for work in other venues by employers—the“Hunters”.

We will have a rotation of students each shift, in order to provide them all with hands-on experience. Consequently, we appreciate your support, feedback, and patience in this regard. Please take a moment to complete a feedback form when paying your bill. We will provide feedback to the core team and the students, so they can learn and grow from this feedback, and increase their employability opportunities.