Breakfast North Melbourne

The Best Breakfast North Melbourne Locals Love

Hunters and Disciples is the place where you can get the most wonderful breakfast North Melbourne folks savour each morning. Located in West Melbourne, come on over to take a bite of our truly delicious food that will make your mornings brighter and more energising. Ask our loyal customers who knock on our doors bright and early every single day and they will tell you that we have the best breakfast near North Melbourne or at least a few minutes drive or jo away.

We offer a vast array of morning food favourites cooked up by our acclaimed chef with the goal of making sure that you start your day off right each time. From the different ways you like your eggs cooked to the wide range of breakfast and brunch options, to how you want to take your coffee, you will experience keen attention to detail that is frankly unmatched.

Our awesome kitchen serves up a diverse menu that has the best choices for any taste bud, diet, or food preference. Take your pick from our range of healthy yet appetising options as well as magnificently tummy-filling breakfast meals. Whatever you choose, you can be assured of having a meal that you will not forget any time soon and will want to come back for every morning.

Now if you’re the type to get up a little bit later in the mornings, don’t fret. Hunters and Disciples is also known to deliver the best brunch near North Melbourne or pretty much a stone’s throw away. With our exceptionally delectable food and delightfully refreshing beverages, you are sure to jumpstart your day with a smile on your face and, of course, a full stomach. We also offer small bite options that will perfectly complement your hot cup of coffee, a cuppa, or fresh juice.

Here we don’t just serve warm cups of espresso or the most delectable food but also offer you a truly relaxing place to talk, laugh, and share amazing experiences with the people who matter most to you. We take pride in providing a space for you to create beautiful memories while enjoying the most satisfying cup of coffee and tastiest plates of food.

We didn’t just create a place for you to enjoy, but also a haven for eager minds and enthusiastic hearts who are looking to build a bright future for themselves in hospitality. Our goal is to help them help you experience a genuinely pleasurable time and discover truly awesome talent. This is what makes us the most unique brunch spot North Melbourne folks truly adore.

Hunters and Disciples is a community, offering an inclusive menu and venue, catering to anyone and everyone! We provide opportunities for our Disciples to spread their wings, rise above other applicants, and land jobs with the best café, restaurant, and catering company.

We partner with Serve It Up and Melbourne College of Further Education to give their students real experience in a real workplace that is also one of the finest cafés and restaurants with the best catering Melbourne has to offer. The students – the “Disciples” – can be sourced for work in other venues by employers – the “Hunters”.

We will have a rotation of students each shift, in order to provide them all with hands-on experience. Consequently, we appreciate your support, feedback, and patience in this regard. Please take a moment to complete a feedback form when paying your bill. We will provide feedback to the core team and the students, so they can learn and grow from this feedback, and increase their employability opportunities.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit us in Melbourne to experience our truly one-of-a-kind breakfast North Melbourne locals love!

Why Choose Us?

More than pleasing the palate of our customers, Hunters & Disciples aims to give the best customer dining experience from the quality of food served and how it is presented to the service of our staff.

For our catering services for events, we require two (2) business days for all orders and 20% deposit. You can order for groups or with individual serve options for groups to minimise handing. We can also accommodate a variety of dietary requirements. For enquiries, call us on 1300 555 749.